Germany x Mercedes All-Star Jersey Revealed

'Mashup' jerseys are all the rage these days. What better way to say goodbye to the Germany national team after 46 years of sponsorship, thought Mercedes' marketing team and created a special shirt that combines various iconic designs from the past.

Germany Mercedes Benz All-Star Jersey

The shirt is based on the 2018 World Cup kit, which is the last-ever Germany shirt during their Mercedes sponsorship. Various former Germany shirts appear all over the front of the shirt in the form of star cutouts in varying sizes.

Finally, a white circle with the Mercedes logo is placed on the right chest, where you'd usually find the Adidas logo, which is nowhere to be found. The 3 Stripes, however, are featured in their regular space on the shoulders.

While it's unlikely that the Germany national team will wear this jersey in an official game - we might see it in action in a training session or during pre-match warmup - Mercedes announced that the shirt would be "coming soon." Stay tuned for more details on that as we receive them.

In case you missed it, it's Volkswagen who will replace Mercedes as the official car maker of the German national team.

Germany Signs Record Volkswagen Sponsorship Deal

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