Amiens 18-19 Third Kit Released

Tuesday, 4 December 2018
After unveiling the new Amiens home and away jerseys at the beginning of August, Puma has just presented a third outfit for the Ligue 1 club.

Having disappointed fans with the templated home and away kits, Puma wanted to restore its image with the launch of a third outfit that aims to be much closer to the history not only of the club, but also of the city of Amiens.

Amiens 18-19 Third Kit

This picture shows the Amiens 2018-2019 third jersey.

While the first two jerseys were white and black, which are the primary colors of the Picardy club, the new Amiens 2018-19 third shirt predominantly features the third color found in the crest, blue. Used by the club for many years before its acquisition in the 1990s, the blue is also a tribute to the city of Amiens whose colors were historically red and blue.

In addition to the color, Puma wanted to add another special feature to this third jersey. Indeed, we find once again an element common to the club and the city with the ivy leaves that are placed on the lower part of the outfit. Historically, ivy leaves symbolize Amiens' attachment to France and have been present for decades on the coat of arms of the Picardy city and since 1998 on the club's logo.

As on the other two current jerseys of the club, the logo is once again in the middle of the outfit, while on the back, we find the year of foundation of the club inside the same shape that is again present on the team's coat of arms.

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