River Plate 19-20 Away & Goalkeeper Kits Leaked

River Plate's 2019-2020 away jersey recently got leaked. Made by Adidas, is is slated for release in May 2019. Thanks to Gabriel and the tuRiver forum.

River Plate 2019-20 Away Kit

This is the Adidas River Plate 2019-2020 away shirt.

The new River Plate 2019-20 away jersey is dark red with even darker stripes on the front. It's an interesting design, although it's directly based on the Striped 19 template from the Adidas teamwear catalog.

River Plate 19-20 Goalkeeper Kit

This image shows the Adidas River Plate goalkeeper shirt.

The same applies to the goalkeeper jersey, which is black with a 1990s-inspired graphic print.

What do you think of the new River Plate kits by Adidas? Comment below.