Copying Coutinho - Serie A Defender Cuts Hole In Adidas Predator Boots

A unique boot spot comes from Italy this month as SPAL player Mirko Valdifiori has been spotted with a custom Adidas Predator football boots featuring a strange but already well-know customization. Thanks to Soccerbible for the spot.

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Mirko Valdifiori Cuts Small In Adidas Predator Boots To Reduce Pressure / Avoid Blisters

Mirko Valdifiori cut out a small section on the heels of his Adidas Predator 18.1 "Spectral Mode" boots.

It's a method that we've seen before by players such as Coutinho, who famously cut a big hole in his Nike Mercurial Vapor 11 boots in April 2017. The reason for players to cut holes in their boots in the heel area is toa void blisters on the heel or too tight Achilles.

Have you spotted more players who customized their boots by cutting holes in them or in other unique fashion? Let us know in the comments below.