Adidas, Nike & Puma - Each Brand's Top Clubs From 2019-20

Inspired by our article that Arsenal will become Adidas' fifth premium team in the 2019-2020 season, Football kit designer @Sportix_Kits made a graphic showing off the top teams of the three biggest brands in soccer - Adidas, Nike and Puma.

Arsenal To Become Fifth Adidas Premium Team

Premium Football Clubs of Adidas, Nike & Puma

Sportix_Kits defines the top clubs for each brand:

- six clubs are Adidas top teams: Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Manchester United, Arsenal, Flamengo and Juventus (Flamengo was not included in our list).

- seven clubs are Nike top teams: Barcelona, PSG, Chelsea, Atletico, Tottenham, Roma, Inter (Galatasaray is surprisingly not included)

- six clubs are Puma top teams: Man City, Dortmund, Milan, Marseille, Valencia, Palmeiras (we wouldn't have included Valencia & possibly also not Palmeiras)

Of course, there is no exact definition what is a top team. In example, one would say that every Nike club that does a special 3rd kit is a top team, so Nike actually has 8 top teams in the 2019-2020 season.

There are other clubs from each brand below their top range - e.g. Corinthians, Boca Juniors, Club América, Leicester, Fulham, Besiktas.

Do you agree with the selection? Are you surprised that Puma managed to get as many top teams? Let us know in the comments below.