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Which is the Best And Which The Worst? Here Are All 1994 World Cup Home Kits

Some days ago, we took a look back at the disapproved Argentina 1994 World Cup. Classic Football Shirts now takes us back to 1994, showing off all the home jerseys of the tournament in the USA.

The 1994 World Cup brought us many outstanding, almost crazy designs that were typical for the 1990s. The most controversial kit was likely the one of hosts USA, while others such as Spain's are now iconic.

In Detail - 1994 World Cup USA - Kits

The most famous design of the 1994 World Cup today is not a home kit, however. It is the crazy goalkeeper kit of Mexico keeper Jorge Campos.

Which 1994 World Cup kit is your favorite? Which is the worst for you? Let us know in the comments below.