Saint-Maximin Wants EA Sports To Put His Gucci Headband In FIFA 19

Update: French forward Saint-Maximin has asked FIFA to get his Gucci headband in the game. It is not likely that FIFA will do it, e.g. because of licensing rights.

OGC Nice forward Allan Saint-Maximin got people talking on social media after wearing a Gucci headband in the match against Bordeaux last weekend.

Allan Saint-Maximin Wears Gucci Headband With Covered Branding

Allan Saint-Maximin wore the Gucci headband from Cruise 2018 collection, which is inspired by the sweatbands worn in the '80. Allan Saint-Maximin, however, covered the Gucci branding with white tape as he did not want to make free advertisement for the luxury fashion brand.

The Gucci headband originally retailed at 300 USD. It is available for 45 USD for sale.

Allan Saint-Maximin is sponsored by Puma, which is also the reason why he did cover the branding.

The Ligue 1 forward is not the first player in football to sport an interesting headband - Ronaldinho was famous for wearing them, and he several times used a Jordan-branded headband as pictured below.

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For the match against AS Monaco on Wednesday, Allan Saint-Maximin wore a solid black headband.

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