Closer Look | Nike Anti-Racism Football Kits 2005

Racism in football has been a big problem recently, with players being abused because of their skin color or nationality. However, Nike almost 15 years ago launched a campaign against racism in soccer, called the 'Stand up Speak up'. For the campaign, Nike teams wore special one-off black and white half-and-half kits. We take a closer look at them.

Nike Anti-Racism 2005 Soccer Jerseys

Based on the Nike Total 90 kit template of 2004-2005, the Nike Anti-Racism soccer jersey boasts a black and white half-and-half design.

The half-and-half black & white Nike Anti-Racism soccer jerseys were created for many of Nike's top teams, including Netherlands, Portugal, Barcelona and Brazil.

The Nike Anti-Racism football kits were sold for the public in limited numbers.

The symbol of the campaign were two interlocked wristbands, one black, one white, which were worn by players across Europe from the end of January 2005. Initially, 2.5 million of the wristbands wereavailable to fans across Europe from 6th February.

“Racism is one of the biggest problems facing football across Europe. People may think the problem has disappeared, but it hasn’t. The players on the pitch need the help of all fans to help drown out the racists and tell them their actions aren’t acceptable. It’s time to stand up and speak up” - said Thierry Henry back then.

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