Insane Revenue Difference - Manchester United vs Tottenham Hotspur Main (Kit) Deals

Manchester United won 1-0 away at Spurs yesterday. Manchester United's victory was quite lucky - Management & Marketing Manager @Lu_Class_ created an infographic comparing Manchester United's and Tottenham's main sponsorship deals, which are all related to their kit.

Man Utd Total Revenue Almost Double Of That From Spurs

Manchester United receives 143 million GBP from their three main sponsor deals - 75m GBP from Adidas (kit maker), 53m GBP from Chevrolet (main kit sponsor) and 15m GBP from Kohler (sleeve sponsor). Tottenham, meanwhile, just gets 65m GBP from their kit-related sponsors - 35m GBP from AIA and 30m GBP from Nike.

Manchester United's and Spurs' total revenue is not as far apart but still immense. Manchester United's total revenue for 2017-18 was 590m GBP, while Spurs' revenue for the 2016-17 (latest data available) was £306.3million.

Are you surprised that Man Utd get so much more money than Tottenham from the shirt sponsorship deals? Let us know in the comments below.