No More Mercedes - Adidas x Volkswagen-Branded 2019 Germany Collection Revealed

Volkswagen replaced Mercedes as official main sponsor of the German national team at the start of this year. Now we get a first look at the new VW-branded Germany collection, which was worn by the German U17 national team in training.

Mercedes had been sponsoring the German national team for 46 years. They released a special mash-up jersey to say goodbye to the Germany national team.

Germany x Mercedes All-Star Jersey Revealed

Volkswagen-Branded Adidas Germany Training Collection

In same style as it was with Mercedes, the new Germany player collection feature the Volkswagen logo instead of the Adidas logo. Apart from that, they are the same as the standard 2019 Adidas Germany collection.

The Volkswagen-branded Adidas DFB items are not available to buy.

Mercedes or Volkswagen? Who do you prefer as Germany jersey sponsor? Whose logo looks better on the jerseys? Let us know in the comments below.
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