Puma Manchester City 19-20 Home, Away, Third & 125th Anniversary Kits Leaked

Update: The first pictures of the Manchester City 19-20 away and third kits just got leaked, again via @MCFCjustsayin. The pictures exactly match the colors, which we revealed late last year, and the description that started floating around more recently.

Update: Manchester City fan page 'MCFCjustsayin' recently shared new details on the English champions' new 2019-20 kits by Puma. Not only did the source confirm the authenticity of the home kit leak, he also provided new details on the Puma Man City 19-20 away and third kits.

The Manchester City 2019-2020 away jersey by Puma will be predominantly black with pink and yellow trim, while the third will fade from yellow at the top to peach at the bottom.

As teased by Puma earlier, the Man City 19-20 kits will get released started in July, once the Nike deal has ended.


The Manchester City 2019-20 home jersey is sky blue with purple logos on the front and a purple stripe running down the sleeves. '125 Years' is printed below the club crest on the left chest of the Man City 2019-2020 shirt to commemorate the club's anniversary.

Manchester City 19-20 Home Kit


The Puma Manchester City 2019-2020 away jersey is black with yellow and pink. The Puma logo on the Man City 2019-20 away shirt is pink, whilst the Etihad sponsor is yellow.

A chevron pattern can be seen on the right shoulder of the Manchester City 19-20 away jersey, reportedly to pay homage to legendary Manchester club The Hacienda. The sleeve cuffs are blue on the right and pink on the left.


Finally, the Manchester City 2019-20 third jersey is predominantly yellow ('fizzy yellow') fading into peach at the bottom. The shorts and socks of the Man City 19-20 third kit will have the same pink / peach color.


The Manchester City 125th anniversary jersey introduces a very classic look in sky blue and white.

Manchester City 19-20 Anniversary Kit

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