MLS Changes Stars Rule At Last Minute

Major League Soccer have quietly changed their stars rule for the 2019 season and beyond. The previous MLS stars rule was introduced in early 2016.

New MLS 2019 Stars Rule

The new MLS 2019 Stars Rule brings us only slight but important changes. In fact, only LA Galaxy is affected by the new MLS stars rule. Their kit last season featured one small golden star for five titles - now the club's kit comes with five stars.

2016 MLS Stars Rule - the rule for five titles was changed

MLS Reveals All-New Stars System

Funnily enough, the new MLS Stars Rule seems to be implemented only in the last minute - therefore, the shirt worn by Ibrahimovic on the launch image comes with only one golden star. The final kit features one golden and five silver stars - we think that next season's LA Galaxy kit will feature five silver stars (if they will not win the title in 2019).

As commented by our user Edgar Miranda, the new stars rule is actually a change for the good.

"Only good thing about this [LA Galaxy 2019 Away Kit] is that they'll be using the 5 stars again instead of that stupid idea of wearing "one gold star" per 5 titles, looks like Timbers, Sounders, Columbus and Atlanta already have 5 titles too."

Atlanta United are the defending champions in the 2019 season - their kit therefore features a large gold star with the number 18 for the year of their title.

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