LEAKED: First-Ever Pink Nike Tiempo Legend Boots - TAKEDOWN Only?

Almost one year ago, we revealed that Nike would release a striking bold pink colorway for the [back then next-gen] Tiempo Legend 8. Now the best pictures yet of the much awaited boot have been leaked. It looks as if there will only be a takedown released for this one.

This will actually be the first time that Nike releases a predominantly pink Tiempo - following a similar move by Adidas who launched a salmon pink Predator last autumn.

Nike Tiempo Legend 8 Academy - Pink Blast / Black

This is the pink Nike Tiempo.

Unlike with the Adidas boot, the Nike Tiempo Legend cleats will boast a very bold and eye-catching pink, official name: 'pink blast'. Black is used by Nike together with the 'pink blast' color of the pink Nike Tiempo Legend VIII soccer boots.

The 'pink blast' Nike Tiempo Legend 8 Academy boots will be released in early 2020.

What do you think of the pink next-gen Tiempo soccer cleats? Comment below, and check out the Boot Calendar for more.