Puma Tease Valencia Sponsorship

Having still not officially confirmed signing Valencia CF to a kit deal starting next season, Puma have now started their promotional campaign surrounding the sponsorship.

‘El fútbol es de los valientes’ (Football is for the brave). This is the tagline used by Puma for its first teaser hinting at the official confirmation of the Valencia kit deal that has been rumored for more than a year. In fact, various Puma Valencia 2019-2020 product has already been leaked.

Puma To Replace Adidas as Valencia CF Kit Maker

In addition to the teaser video, Puma have also sent a box to media and key supporters. It includes a business card, a silk handkerchief and a coin based on the ancient Roman coin of Valencia, which was founded under the name "Valentia Edetanorum" in 138 BC.

via Lenders Magazine

The official Valencia Puma kit deal announcement is expected to happen over the next few weeks.

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