World's Only Team? Dutch Club Prints Players Names & Numbers On Front

Thanks to Dutch football kit expert @FCKitGuru, we have come across that Dutch Eredivisie club sc Heerenveen

sc Heerenveen Prints Player Names and Numbers On Front

The name and number of each Heerenveen player is printed on the right chest area of the kit, on the same height and the opposite side of the team's logo. The number and name is placed within a specially shaped badge.

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The back of Heerenveen's kit, interestingly, does not feature each player's name but just the number between two sponsors.

Some other Dutch clubs have printed the player's name on the front of the kit but not the numbers - most of them they have placed them just below the crest.

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Do you know other teams who have printed both their player names and numbers on the front? Let us know in the comments below.