Copy Of Laceless Adidas Ace Purecontrol? Rômulo Reveals All-New Laceless Lotto 2019 Boots

Lazio midfielder Rômulo has trained in a very interesting pair of unreleased football boots his week. Thanks to Soccerbible for the spot.

Rômulo is usually lacing up in Lotto's current most promoted high-end football boot, the Lotto Maestro 200. The new laceless boots worn could be the successor of the Lotto Maestro 200 soccer cleats.

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Next-Gen Lotto Maestro? Romulo Shows Off All-New Laceless Lotto 2019 Boots

The boots worn by Rômulo are obviously a completely new boot silo from Italian brand Lotto. They feature a laceless design, a knitted upper and a collar for ultimate comfort.

In fact, the whole look of the boots immediately reminds us of of Adidas' laceless control football boots. Indeed, Lotto's boots are almost identical to the first generations of Adidas' laceless control boots, especially the Adidas Ace 17+ Purecontrol.

The outsole of the boots looks identical to the sole plate of the Lotto Maestro 200 football boot, which is currently worn by Rômulo.

Interestingly, we already leaked another laceless Lotto soccer boot for 2019, the laceless Lotto Zhero Gravity. The boots by Rômulo seem to be Lotto's laceless boots made for control - the laceless Lotto Zhero Gravity 2019 is made for ultimate speed.

Stay tuned for more information about all of the laceless Lotto 2019 football boots as we receive them.

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