EA Unveils Special Anthem Boots For Premier League's Lingard, Schmeichel, Lamela & Felipe Anderson

Video game publisher EA has teamed up with French boot artist Pierre Navarro to create special customized football boots for four Premier League stars that promote EA’s Anthem video game. Erik Lamela, Kasper Schmeichel, Jesse Lingard and Felipe Anderson wear the special boots this weekend.

French artist Pierre Navarro previously already designed footwear for players like Antoine Griezmann, Didier Drogba and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang - for Griezmann, he created Fortnite inspired boots - that possibly inspired EA...

EA Anthem Boots For Four Premier League Players

All boots are based on boots from Adidas players as EA has a partnership with the Three Stripes.

The special EA Anthem soccer cleats feature the colours and style of the Storm, Interceptor, Ranger and Colossus Javelin suits that are available in the role-playing game and give the user superhuman attributes. Each player has been matched to suits that reflect their own skills on the pitch.

Navarro, speaking around the launch of EA’s latest title, Anthem, said: "I'm delighted to have the opportunity to work with EA on Anthem. It was a pleasure to adapt their designs to the boots of Jesse Lingard, Kasper Schmeichel, Erik Lamela and Felipe Anderson. I can't wait to see them worn on the pitch."

Anderson - 'Interceptor'

Anderson's 'Interceptor' boots are a nod to Anthem's Javelin suits, which gives the user superhuman abilities

Lingard - 'Storm'

Lingard's 'Storm' design reflects an Anthem Javelin suit for a specialist in inflicting damage from distance

Lamela - 'Ranger'

Lamela's 'Ranger' boot is akin to an all-rounder that has strong defence and attack

Schmeichel - 'Collosus'

Schmeichel's 'Collosus' boot is like the Javelin suit in Anthem that commands the combat area.

The special EA Anthem Boots are not unavailable to buy.

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