Here Is Why Virgil van Dijk Only Uses His First Name On Kit

Virgil van Dijk is currently considered as the world's best defender by many, including Bayern's Mats Hummels who also has this opinion. But did you ever wonder why Virgil van Dijk only has his first name Virgil on the back of his shirt? Let us find it out.

Virgil van Dijk Uses Only First Name Because Of Family Feud

The reason for Virgil van Dijk only using the first name is that he does not have a good relationship with his father.

"Virgil has done amazingly well to be such a success given the ups and downs there have been in his family," his uncle Steven Fo Sieeuw said.

Before detailing Virgil's relationship with his father. "His dad split with his mother and his three children, including Virgil, found it hard to forgive him for that.

Steven added: "The truth is his dad was not around for so many important years and it is his mother who is the real hero of this story. You don't take your dad's name off your shirt without a reason and Virgil has made it very clear how he feels."

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