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AC Milan's Castillejo Shows Off Next-Gen Adidas X 19 Launch Boots

More than one month ahead of their expected release, AC Milan winger Samu Castillejo has become the first player to be spotted wearing the launch colorway of the next-generation Adidas X 19.1 football boots in training.

Samu Castillejo Trains In Next-Gen Adidas X 19.1 '302 Redirect' Boots

Samu Castillejo's boots are easy to identify as the silver / red paint job of the next-generation Adidas X 19.1 as various pictures of them have been already leaked. They are officially dubbed 'Adidas X 302 Redirect'.

The Adidas X 19.1 boots are an evolution of the current-gen boots - The difference between the Adidas X 19.1 and the Adidas X 18.1 is the upper, the sole plates are identical. The Adidas X 19.1 comes with less elements on the upper for an even more lightweight and seamless fit.

Castillejo has not worn the boots in an official match.

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Part of the Adidas '302 Redirect' pack, the silver & red next-generation Adidas X 19.1 soccer cleat will be released in time for the 2019 Champions League final - late May 2019.

What do you think of the next-generation Adidas X 19.1? Do you like the launch paint job? Share your thoughts in the comments below.