Coventry City To Sign Hummel Kit Deal

English League One club Coventry City is set to switch to Hummel from next season, according to information of Twitter user and Coventry City fan John Dawkins.

Coventry City signed a four-year deal with Nike in 2015. The deal with Nike is running out after the current 2018-2019 season.

Coventry City To Sign Hummel Kit Deal

With the Nike deal ending in Summer 2019, it is well not unlikely that Coventry City will get a new supplier. We think that the information is true and that Coventry City will get Hummel kits next season.

Hummel had been already making Coventry City's kits between 1987-1989. They released what is possibly most iconic Coventry City kit to date, based on their iconic Denmark World Cup kit design.

The Hummel Coventry City 2019-2020 kits would be released in July 2019 if the rumors of the deal are true.

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