Nike Juventus 2005 Half-And-Half Anti-Racism Kit vs Adidas Juventus 19-20 Home Kit

The new Juventus 2019-2020 home kit by Adidas introduces a revolutionary half-and-half design for the Italian giants. However, while the club had never a regular white and black half-and-half jersey before, it is not the first time that a Juventus shirt features that look. Thanks to Rupertgraphic for the hint.

In 2005, Nike launched a special campaign against racism in football, called 'Stand up Speak up'. The campaign not only included advertising against racism in football, special black and white wristbands but also special black-and-white jerseys.

Nike Juventus 'Stand up Speak up' 2005 Anti-Racism Jersey

The Juventus 'Stand up Speak up' 2005 Anti-Racism Jersey featured the same look as all other Nike Anti-Racism shirts - a white and black half-and-half design based on the famous T90 template of that time.

There are a few differences between Adidas' and Nike's kits, with the main point that the Nike Juventus kit was a special-edition given to all major clubs and national teams of the Swoosh.

The Juventus 'Stand up Speak up' 2005 Anti-Racism football kit was sold in limited numbers.

What do you think of the half-and-half look for Juventus? Do you prefer Adidas' or Nike's model? Share your thoughts in the comments below