New Brazil Logo Unveiled

Update: The new Brazil 2020 kits are the first to feature the new Brazilian Football Federation (the logo was launched on 9 April 2019). It is now also confirmed how the crest is applied on the shirts.

The Vapormatch version of the 2020 kit features the logo as revealed by federation (plus the 5 stars and the lettering Brazil), the replica edition comes with an extra yellow border.

All-New Brazil 2019 Logo - On 2020 Kits For First Time

April 2019: New Brazil Logo Unveiled

Besides unveiling the new Copa America kits, the Brazilian Football Federation this evening also presented its brand-new crest, confirming earlier reports that it would update its identity.

New Brazil Logo - 2019

This is the completely new Brazil national team badge.

The new logo was unveiled during new president Rogério Caboclo's inauguration ceremony. Created in collaboration with the Ana Couto agency, the updated identity of the Brazilian federation aims to improve the perception of the brand and "expand public knowledge about all the work done by CBF, which goes far beyond the Brazilian teams."

Colors and key elements of the old logo such as the shape and the cross in its center were retained, with other parts experiencing more or less obvious changes. The stripes have gained importance and size. In order to make the overall design more Brazilian, a specific font was designed for the crest by Brazilian designers of Dalton Maag.

The graphics that form part of the wider CBF identity are inspired by the work of the Brazilian artist Athos Bulcão, from fragments of the shape of the shield, which suggest party, energy and celebration.

The brand also has a tagline that synthesizes what is football in Brazil: JOGA BOLA. "It expresses the play of soccer with our inviting and inclusive way, from the floodplain field to the World Cup games in large stadiums. It's love for the game, for the ball. It's also the expression that Brazilians use when they identify the star, the good player, that is, the one who plays the ball," explains Ana Couto, CEO of the branding agency.

The new logo will be fully adopted by the Brazilian national teams in 2020, when the new kits are launched ahead of the qualifiers for the 2022 FIFA World Cup. The 2019 kits still feature the old crest.

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