Next Signature Boots For 2019 Copa America (& Champions League Final?) - Lionel Messi Has Not Received A New Signature Boot Since Half A Year

If you are following FC Barcelona and our website, you surely have noticed that there hasn't been a new signature football boot being released for Leo Messi since a few time now. We take a look at that are the reasons for the Three Stripes for releasing no new Messi signature cleats since a few months already.

Last Messi Signature Boot Released In November 2018

The last time Leo Messi received a real signature football boot was in November 2018 when Adidas launched a crazy colorful Messi Nemeziz boot as part of the 'Initiator Pack'. Previously, Messi received a new unique signature boot almost always whenever Adidas launched a new on-pitch boot collection.

The last two on-pitch Adidas soccer shoes collections (Exhibit Pack & Virtuso Pack) did not include an Adidas Nemeziz Messi signature boot. In contrast, Messi just got a custom version of the boots with his name printed on the inside rear. That Messi version is not being sold.

The reason for that is obvious for us - Adidas did just not sell enough pairs of them (Nike did never release as many signature boots for one of their players).

Adidas Kills Off Laceless Nemeziz Messi Boots

Messi Trains in Custom Unreleased 'Exhibit Pack' Adidas Nemeziz Boots

Adidas To Release Next-Gen Adidas Nemeziz 19 Messi Signature Boots Ahead Of 2019 Copa America

We have already received new information that there will still be Messi signature boots. One of our sources told us that Adidas will bring out a signature Messi version of the next-generation Adidas Nemeziz 19 football boots for the 2019 Copa America .

Messi would likely already wear them in the 2019 Copa del Rey final (May 25 against Valencia) and in the Champions League final (June 1) if Barca would qualify for it.

Do you look forward to see Adidas' next signature football boot for Lionel Messi? Let us know in the comments below.