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LEAKED: Nike to Release US Soccer NFL & Baseball Jerseys

Update: Nike will not only release a NFL jersey for the US Soccer national team but also a (mainly black) baseball uniform. Check out more details about the USA 2020 Baseball and American Football jerseys below.

Nike will release a US Soccer NFL jersey, we can exclusively reveal today. Set to be launched at the end of this year or in early 2020, the US Soccer American football shirt follows on last fall's range of NFL shirt drops for major Nike clubs such as Barcelona, Chelsea and PSG.

Nike US Soccer NFL Jersey

The US Soccer NFL jersey by Nike will be predominantly dark blue, likely combined with white for logos and trim.

Design-wise, we expect the shirt to be quite similar to the template used for the American football shirts last year.

Nike started this 'trend' by releasing NFL-themed shirts for its biggest clubs such as Barcelona, Chelsea and PSG. On the club side, it currently looks like we will only see Tottenham receive one of these this year.

Nike US Soccer Baseball 2020 Jersey

Set to feature the traditional design of baseball jerseys, the first-ever US Soccer x baseball jersey will be mainly black. Nothing more about the design is known yet.

The Nike x US Soccer NFL jersey and the Nike x US Soccer Baseball jersey are both expected to be released March 2020 most likely.

Do you like this Nike trend? Are you looking forward to this release? Comment below.