Red Bull Bragantino To Get New Logo But Will Keep Colors

Brazilian club Bragantino were brought by the Red Bull empire last month. Now the traditional club from São Paulo officially announced what will be the future of them.

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In April 2019, Bragantino revealed their new kits for 2019. Made by Red Bull partner Nike, they feature simplistic designs with the club's traditional colors and the well-known club crest.

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Red Bull Bragantino To Get New Crest In 2020 - Will Keep Tradtional Black & White Colors

The club will continue to be called Bragantino, having the same crest until December 2019. Red Bull will take the decisions and bear all the costs of the club.

Bragantino will continue to use black and white, but will now have jerseys provided by Nike, partner of the Austrian company. The contract with Icon Sports was terminated.

Starting next year, the name of the team will change to Red Bull Bragantino and the shield will be changed, adding the logo of the beverage company. The club will remain in Bragança Paulista and Nabi Abi Chedid stadium will not have its name changed.

"The shield will have some changes to incorporate Red Bull. We want to respect the tradition that Bragantino built in Brazilian football, and the expectation is to build a new history together, taking back, through Bragantino, the glory of soccer from the interior and the glories that Bragantino had in the past," said the CEO.

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