Which is The Best? Here Are All Adidas EURO & World Cup Balls Since 2000

Adidas has been the official supplier of World Cup footballs since 1970 and from EURO footballs since 1972. We take a look at all Adidas EURO and World Cup footballs released since 2000, including 10 different balls.

Adidas EURO & World Cup Official Match Balls Since 2000

The ball for the first major tournament of the 21th century was released for the EURO 2000. Dubbed the Adidas Terrestra Silverstream, the Adidas ball of the EURO 2000 introduced a back then modern design in silver. For the 2002 World Cup in Japan and South Korea, Adidas introduced the golden Fenernova ball. All in all, it can be said that the designs of the balls have become more colorful in general.

If we look at the tech of the balls, the 2006 World Cup in Germany, changed Adidas' footballs forever. For Adidas' home World Cup, the Three Stripes launched a revolutionary panel designs for footballs. The all-new panel structure of the Teamgeist 2006 World Cup football was heavily criticized by many. And even though the criticism was justified, Adidas did not revert to a traditional design since then.

In late 2019, Adidas is expected to release the Official Match Ball for the EURO 2020.

Which is your favorite Adidas ball of the past 20 years? Do you look forward to see the Adidas EURO 2020 soccer ball? Let us know in the comments below.