Jack Grealish Wears Tattered Nike Boots In Crucial Playoffs For Premier League - Here Is Why

Aston Villa reached the Premier League with a 2-1 victory against Derby County in the decisive Championship playoff yesterday. If you have been following Aston Villa's way to the Premier League, you might have noticed that Jack Grealish has been wearing some extraordinary damaged boots.

Jack Grealish Wears Extremely Damaged Nike Hypervenom Boots, His 'Lucky Boots'

Jack Grealish is wearing an extremely damaged version of the low-cut Nike Hypervenom Phantom III Elite football boots, the last generation of Hypervenom released before they were replaced with the Phantom VNM. The colorway he has been wearing is the 2018 World Cup one, released in May 2018.

After the match, Grealish was interviewed and gave his reason for wearing the tattered boots so long - he came back after an injury and they became his lucky boots, scoring a few important goals in them.

We look forward to see which boots Jack Grealish will wear in the Premier League next season...

Do you also wear your boots until they basically are not anymore? Share your thoughts in the comments below.