Here Is Why Man City's Kit Featured A Different Sponsor Logo In The FA Cup Final

If you watched yesterday's 6-0 triumph of Manchester City against Watford at Wembley, you likely noticed that there was something different about the Manchester City shirts.

Nod To Emirates Being FA Cup Sponsor - Reason Behind Manchester City ‘Choose Etihad’ Shirt Sponsor

Manchester City entered the pitch with wearing a subtle change to their shirt sponsor, instead of featuring the ‘Etihad Airways’ logo it came with a special ‘Choose Etihad’ logo. It’s rumored to be a cheeky dig at Emirates a rival Airways company who are the title sponsor of the FA Cup, which is therefore called 'Emirates FA Cup'.

Manchester City were already given special dispensation to not feature the Emirates FA Cup sleeve badge on their shirts as they saw it as promoting a rival company. They kept the Nexen Tire instead.

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