LFP Kit Selector - Here Is How Spanish La Liga Selects The Kits For All Matches

Friday, 10 May 2019
We rarely get insight into how the official leagues are managing the organization of their competitions. Now Spanish La Liga has shared how they select the kits for the official matches of LaLiga - they have developed a special tool dubbed 'LFP Kit Selector' for it.

LaLiga Kit Selector

Before playing games each week, teams have to submit to LaLiga which uniforms they plan to use. There is a fixed order for the process.

First, the home team sets the player and goalkeeper jerseys. Next, it is the visiting squad that chooses to differentiate as much as possible from its rival. Then the next step is the approval of the referee, who must accept the proposal or not. Through the Selector Kit, the referee will have access to all the other equipment of the clubs. If he is in disagreement with the visitor proposal the referee can modify it. Finally, the referee selects his jerseys.

Then LaLiga officials and a media responsible decide whether the kits selected by the teams are good in order to distinguish them.

There is still the chance for referees and La Liga to correct a decision in the locker room of the Anxo Carro ahead of the match.

The LaLiga Kit Selector has been already in use for a few years. There is a website that allows (only) registered users to use the Kit Selector on all devices.

In fact, the La Liga Kit Selector is not the only tool La Liga developed to optimize the process of the league. Other implementation tools that LaLiga has developed include LaLiga Manager and Referee Selector.

What is strange is that there has been an obvious clash in LaLiga this season when Barca faced Levante - the Levante goalkeeper wore an almost identical kits as the Levante players, and that two times.

Insane Cheat To Confuse Barca Players... Levante Goalkeeper Wears Almost Same Fluorescent Kit As Players For Second Time This Season

Two years ago, Osasuna was forced to wear an one-off orange shirt in the La Liga clash against FC Barcelona following a request from the match broadcaster.

Osasuna to Wear One-Off Kit Away Against FC Barcelona

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