Update: Rangers 19-20 Home Kit Allowed By UEFA Kit Rules After All

Update: There is another UEFA article in the UEFA kit regulations that we have overlooked (Article 18). Teams are allowed to incorporate one type of team identification into their playing attire as jacquard weave, tonal printing or embossing. Thanks to @Gellatley for the hint.

In late April 2019, Hummel presented the new Rangers FC home kit for the 2019-2020 season. It was very well received by fans of the Scottish club, but it might have to be changed for UEFA competitions.

Rangers have already qualified for the Europa League first qualifying round. We expect that UEFA will allow them to wear the 'wrong' kit in the first rounds, at least until the play-off matches.

Embossed Rangers Crests Of Hummel Rangers 19-20 Home Kit Not Allowed According to UEFA Kit Rules

The reason why football government body UEFA will likely not approve the Rangers FC 2019-2020 home kit is pretty simple - it features embossed Rangers' crests all over on the front of it.

According to Article 14 of UEFA's kit rules, clubs are only allowed to print one team emblem on the front on the shirt at chest height with a size not exceeding 100 cm². It is NOT allowed to use it as a graphic print element several times.

The UEFA rule also applies to manufacturers logos - some iconic Adidas and Nike 1990s kits are no more allowed because of the UEFA Kit Regulations.

The latest new UEFA kit regulations were introduced in In September 2018. They are valid from the 2019-2020 season. The UEFA kit rule that affects Rangers FC's 19-20 home kit had been also included in previous kit regulations.

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