Sturm Graz 19-20 Kits Released

Austrian Bundesliga club SK Sturm Graz today released their new 2019-2020 home, away, third and goalkeeper kits. The new Sturm Graz 2019-20 kits are once again produced by Lotto and carry the sponsor logo of 'Puntigamer', a brewery out of the club's region, on the front of the shirts.

Sturm Graz 19-20 Home Kit

This is the new SK Sturm Graz 2019-2020 home shirt.

The new Lotto Sturm Graz 2019-20 home jersey combines the club's traditional striping, consisting of 4 white and black stripes each, on the front, while the shoulder area, the sleeves and the back remain solid white.

The SK Sturm Graz 2019-2020 home shirt comes with a ribbed collar which features a black lining detail to top the design off.

White shorts and socks with black accents round off the clean look of the Sturm Graz 19-20 home kit.

Sturm Graz 2019-20 Away Shirt

This is the SK Sturm Graz 2019-2020 away kit by Lotto.

Based on the same template, the brand-new Sturm Graz 19-20 away jersey comes with a very low-key design and is almost fully black.

Neat details such as the monochromatic white Puntigamer sponsor logo, white Lotto logos and the full-color Sturm Graz badge on the left chest complete a no-nonsense design.

Black shorts and socks with white applications complement the SK Sturm Graz 2019-20 away kit.

SK Sturm Graz 2019-2020 Third Kit

This is the new Sturm Graz 19-20 third shirt.

The Lotto Sturm Graz 19-20 third jersey is also based on the same template. The base of the shirt is 'mosaic blue' and gets combined with subtle striping on the front, a full-color Puntigamer sponsor logo as well as teal lining detail on the collar.

'Mosaic Blue' shorts and socks complete a very experimental Sturm Graz 2019-20 third shirt.

Sturm Graz 19-20 Goalkeeper Kits

The Lotto SK Sturm Graz 2019-20 goalkeeper kits are "Persian Green" (petrol), "Apple Green" (yellow) and "Clearwater" (light blue). A color gradient design to black at the bottom rounds off each of the Sturm Graz 2019-2020 goalkeeper kits.

Already available to order, the new Sturm Graz home, away, third and goalkeeper kits can be bought in all 'SturmShops' and online over at for EUR 80.

What do you think of Sturm Graz' new kits? Comment your thoughts down below, and check out the Kit Overview for more.