LEAKED: Argentina 2020 Away Kit to be 'Midnight'

Update: Following up last week's post, we have been able to confirm the official color of the Argentina 2020 away kit, 'midnight'.

'Midnight' is a very dark grey that leans into the blue hues - unless it ends up being combined with another color than white, which we don't expect - it will be pretty similar to what we've seen from Adidas and the Argentina national team lately.

Argentina is currently playing in the 2019 Copa América. Adidas released a new Argentina home kit for the 2019 Copa America but no new away jersey. For the 2020 Copa América, Adidas is set to release a new Argentina away kit - in November 2019.

Adidas Argentina 2020 Away Kit - Colors

This picture shows the colors of the Argentina 2020 away shirt by Adidas.

The Adidas Argentina 2020 Copa América away jersey will be 'midnight', which is very dark, slightly blue shade of grey. Although not confirmed at this point, we expect the dark grey base of the Adidas Argentina 2020-21 away jersey to be combined with white for logos and accents.

The Adidas Tubular shoe above features the same base color as the Argentina 2020 away.

Argentina away jerseys

The Adidas Argentina 2020 Copa América away shirt is set to be launched in November 2019. It will be worn at the 2020 Copa America, which Argentina will joint-host with Colombia.

Do you look forward to see the Adidas Argentina 2020-2021 away kit? Let us know in the comments below.