Adidas Misspells Name Of Germany Women's Goalkeeper

Thursday, 6 June 2019
Some weeks ago, Germany's national women's soccer team proclaimed in a campaign that "we are playing for a nation that does not know our names". Now German newspaper BILD and the keeper revealed that Germany supplier Adidas misspelled the name of Germany's goalkeeper on her custom cleats.

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Adidas Predator Boots Of Germany Keeper Schult Feature Typo Error

The boots of DFB goalkeeper Almuth Schult feature her name beside the German flag on the boot - but it is misspelled. "Schulth" is written instead of "Schult."

It seems like Germany's Womens #1 goalkeeper is not widely known by her outfitter, something that she does not take too serious. "I can laugh about it. Mistakes are human. They happen to me too," Schult said.

Almuth Schult jokes: "Otherwise my name always becomes Schulz". After all, someone was creative. Normally my name always becomes Schulz. Schulth is something different.

Logically, the mistake is embarrassing for supplier Adidas. The company already announced that it will send Schult new boots.

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