Adidas Will Take Spanish Football Federation To Court Over Kit Deal

Some weeks ago, the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) announced that they will end their deal with Adidas as the contract would not meet criteria of "legality, transparency and equity that the RFEF considers minimally acceptable". Now Adidas announced that they will take the RFEF to court over the conflict surrounding the Spanish national team's kits.

Spain Kills Adidas Kit Deal

Adidas Says Spain Contract Does Not Include Exit Clause and Is Valid

Adidas have claimed that their contract with RFEF, which runs until 2026, doesn't have an exit clause, despite RFEF claiming that it does. RFEF have the opinion that the contract signed by Angel Maria Villar in 2015 is now out of context.

"In 2015, Adidas and RFEF signed an extension to the contract, extending its duration from 2019 to 2026," Adidas's statement read. "It is a binding agreement that doesn't include an exit clause for either party. Adidas have always acted in good faith and wishes to continue with the successful support offered by RFEF and Spanish football.

"Unfortunately, due to recent action taken by RFEF and to preserve the legitimate interests of the three-stripe brand, Adidas has been forced to begin legal action to ensure that RFEF comply with the contract established until the end of the agreed period."Therefore, Adidas are today starting a process of arbitration, as planned in said contract."

Spanish Media - Spain Wants More Money

According to Spanish media reports, the association is also demanding an increase in the sponsorship volume from 14 million to 30 million euros annually.

Spain Contacted Zara & Puma To Replace Adidas As Kit Maker

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