CA Colón Finally Gets Rid Of 'Fake Burrda'

Argentinian club Colón this week announced that it had finally managed to terminate the deal it had with what's commonly known as 'Fake Burrda'.

In case you missed it, in July last year it turned out the the Argentinian company called Burrda Sports was not affiliated with the actual Qatar-based Burrda Sport and used the official logo without consent.

Insane - CA Colón 18-19 Kits Produced by Fake Burrda

Colón had been linked with Burrda since 2017 in a deal that would have ended in December 2019.

According to reports, Colón are currently in negotiations with Hummel, Kappa, Kelme and Umbro in order to find a new kit supplier. It looks like Kelme is the most probable option:

The Club Atlético Colón informed the sports brand Burrda Sports that it is terminating the contract that was valid until December 2019.

The story does not end here however as the lawyer of Manuel Petrakosky, the owner of the brand in Argentina, confirmed that they've sued the club for breach of contract.

We'll see how this evolves and will keep you updated.

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