Great Stuff - West Ham Sells 19-20 Kits With & Without Sponsor

West Ham have gained the praise of football fans on social media as they are offering fans the option to buy the brand-new Umbro 2019-2020 jerseys without the main sponsor.

'Under 18' Home Kit - West Ham United Sells Kit With & Without Sponsor

West Ham are giving fans the choice of buying their new shirt without the sponsor Betway, something that is usually reserved for kids' shirts. In fact, the West Ham kit without the sponsor is called 'Under 18 Home Shirt'. - it has been released to be worn by fans who are under 18 and not allowed to bet.

Unfortunately, the logo of sleeve sponsor Basset & Gold, West Ham's official Investment Partner, is still featured on the sleeves of both versions. So the kit is not completely sponsorless.

However, while it is pretty unusual for European clubs to sell their kit without sponsor in Men's sizes, clubs from South America, especially from Brazil are selling their jerseys without them. The kits from most South American teams have a lot of sponsors...

Both the West Ham kits with and without the sponsors are available for the same price. The West Ham 'Under 18' home shirt is available in sizes up to XXL, while the regular home kit is available up to 4XL.

Would you like other clubs to sell their kits without sponsors? Do you know other European clubs who are doing this? Share your thoughts in the comments below.