Home Kit Leak Confirmed - Puma Manchester City 19-20 Training Leaked

Football freestylers F2Freestylers (@thef2) accidentally posted a picture of them and Leroy Sane wearing two items of Puma's Man City 2019-20 training collection on Instagram. The picture was already deleted, but some of our followers saved the image.

Puma Manchester City 2019-2020 Collection

Just as other Puma 2019-20 training ites such as those of BVB, the Puma Man City 19-20 training jacket boasts a modern design - the Man City 19-20 training jacket is purple with sky blue logos.

In fact, the Man City Puma jacket by Sane is inspired by the club's new home kit - it feature the same colors just inverted - the Man City 2019-20 home kit is sky blue and purple.

The Puma Man City 19-20 training collection will be launched in early July 1 when the deal with Nike will be over.

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