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Juventus 2020-21 Home Kit Released

Confirming all previous reports, the Juventus 20-21 home kit was finally officially released today.

The Juventus 20-21 home kit is sponsored by Jeep. Juventus have a six-year deal with carmaker Fiat until the end of the 2020/21 season. Jeep is owned by American car group Chrysler, a global strategic partner of Fiat.

Juventus FC 20-21 Home Jersey

This is the new Adidas Juventus home jersey for 2020-2021.

Predominantly white, the new Juventus 2020-2021 home jersey features four black brushtroke stripes on the front and sleeves - the back is all-white.

The logos on Juventus FC's 2020-21 home jersey are golden. In terms of template, the new Juventus jersey is based on the one used for the Germany 2020 home shirt with the main difference being the use of a v-collar instead of a crew-neck.

Based on the new Serie A global font, the numbers and names on the back of the Juventus 20-21 home shirts are black. Both feature a custom pattern on the inside, exclusive to Juventus.

Adidas combines the Juventus 2020-21 home football shirt with white shorts and socks, both featuring golden logos and stripes.

Originally set to be released in May, the Juventus 2020-21 home kit was instead launched on July 30.

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