All-New League-Wide Serie A Kit Font Released - Custom Version For Juventus?

Update: With the release of more Serie A 2020-2021 kits (including Juventus and AC Milan), we get an official look at more examples of the streamlined Serie A 2020-21 typeface. Unlike the typefaces of other teams, the Juventus 2020-21 numbers feature no border and a subtle graphic pattern - there is still no official news on the new Serie A 2020-21 kit font.

The all-new streamlined Serie A kit font was released together with the Nike Inter Milan 2020-21 home kit. It is the first-ever streamlined Serie A kit typeface.

In February 2020, it was announced that the Italian Serie A will ban 'unfriendly' sponsors and introduce a global kit font. It is not certain yet that the new Nike Inter 2020-21 font is the new league-wide kit typeface.

Serie A 2020-2021 Typeface For Kits

The new Serie A 20-21 kit typeface boasts a modern and unique look. Many of the numbers and letters have an one-of-a-kind shape that makes it easy to recognize the font.

At the bottom of the numbers, each club will be able to insert its own logo, just like Spanish La Liga clubs are able to. In other leagues like the Premier League all teams have the league's logo.

There is no official statement about the font yet

Inter and Roma already released the new kit font with their new Nike 2020-21 home kits. The exact number, letter & crest main / border colors of teams like Juventus and Milan are not known yet.

Stay tuned for more info about the league-wide Serie A 2020-21 jersey font.

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