No Neymar In The End?! FIFA 20 Does Not Feature Cover Star Yet

Some days ago, images of the possible FIFA 20 cover circulated in the internet, showing an illustration of Neymar wearing next season's PSG kit on the FIFA 20 cover. Now Electronic Arts has said that the ‘leaked’ image for the cover of the next FIFA title, FIFA 20, is not official.

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Does FIFA 20 Do Not Have Neymar as Cover Star Because Of Rape Allegations?

EA Sports just said that the image of the FIFA 20 cover would be not official. Meanwhile, however, reports from Brazil suggest that due to the allegations of rape against Neymar in recent weeks, EA decided that Neymar will not be the main guy of FIFA 20. Last year, EA Sports already banned Cristiano Ronaldo from the cover, also due to rape allegations.

The illustration on the cover that shows Paris Saint-Germain star Neymar celebrating in front of a pink backdrop was made by the Brazilian designer Cristiano Siqueira. "The one who asked me was a US design office, the Five Design. The illustration would be part of a graphic design that this agency would be creating for EA," he told Brazilian newspaper Folha .

Siqueira did not know that his work could be the cover image of the game. "We have budgeted a value that would cover any kind of use, including worldwide," he explained, without revealing the contract's budget for contractual matters.

The designer says that Neymar learned that the illustration had been made by a Brazilian and wanted to meet him. "I was contacted by Neymar's staff last month and they said Neymar had been tanned and it would be interesting to schedule an interview with me to tell you a bit about the work."

According to Siqueira, the interview happened, but it could only be released after the official launch of the game, according to agreement with EA. Now he does not know if the design will be used.

FIFA 20 will hit stores on September 20. Until then, EA has scheduled two more events for the release of news related to the game. The company does not rule out presenting a new cover.

EA is not the only partner of Neymar that is unsure how to deal with the situation and the rape allegations. At least four of the ten brands that have partnered with him have already shown discomfort with the case. Mastercard even suspended a campaign with the striker that would be displayed in the America's Cup.

President Jair Bolsonaro went to Brasília clinic where Neymar was after the friendly against Qatar; 'From what I've seen so far, Neymar is innocent,' said Bolsonaro.

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