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Are Macron's AJ Auxerre 19-20 Home & Away Kits Stolen From Trabzonspor's 2017-18 Away Kit?

A few days ago, AJ Auxerre and Macron presented the club's new home and away shirts for the upcoming Ligue 2 campaign. Both kits feature a pretty unique geometric gradient at the bottom of each shirt.

However, this gradient design is only unique at first glance. For us, it brought back memories of a certain iconic Trabzonspor away kit by Nike...

AJ Auxerre 19-20 Home & Away Kits Feature Similar Gradient As Trabzonspor 17-18 Away Shirt

Compare both the AJ Auxerre 2019-20 home & away shirts as well as the Trabzonspor 2017-2018 away jersey below.

Back in the Summer of 2017, Trabzonspor received a lot of praise for the club's unique and bold approach to the away shirt. The Trabzonspor 17-18 away kit features a very sophisticated rendition of a geometrical gradient in several shades of light blue as well as claret.

Compared directly, Macron's AJ Auxerre 2019-20 home & away shirts pursue a more streamlined approach to a geometrical gradient as only different shades of blue are used and the gradient is connected evenly to the rest of the look.

All in all, the evidence that Nike's Trabzonspor 17-18 away kit has been an inspiration for Macron's new 2019-20 home & away shirts is there. The question is just how to interpret it.

Personally, we feel like Macron and / or AJ Auxerre was amazed at the simplicity as well as expressiveness of Trabzonspor's look. However, the execution was not about replicating the shirt's design but creating something new altogether out of the inspiration.

Do you think Trabzonspor's 2017-18 away shirt was an inspiration for Macron's AJ Auxerre 19-20 home & away kits? If so, do you despise the act? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.