Best Of - New 19-20 Kit Fonts: Arsenal, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Inter & More

Wednesday, 31 July 2019
Most 19-20 kit sets are complete or almost complete. Many of the top teams also unveiled new typefaces for the back of their jerseys. As we fast approach the start of the 2019-20 season, let's take a look at some of the best new fonts around Europe.

Unfortunately, most of these fonts will not be used in most games as the Premier League, La Liga and Ligue 1 force their teams to use their respective league-wide designs.

FC Barcelona 2019-2020 Jersey Font

The new Nike FC Barcelona 19-20 kit font features a more classy design than the league-wide La Liga typeface. The letters feature an edged design with a thin line, the numbers come with the Barca crest. Another difference is that the names of player are aligned straight and not on a curve as with the league font.

FC Barcelona Introduce New Font - Champions League Only

Real Madrid 19-20 Font

Real Madrid updates its font every season and, to go with the classy white-and-gold 19-20 home kit, the new one has a retro vibe to it.

Hazard Confirmed?! Classy Real Madrid 19-20 Kit Font Released

Arsenal 2019-2020 Cup Kit Font

The new Arsenal 2019-20 font has a bespoke 3-d look that draws inspiration both from classic 1990s font. The Arsenal Adidas 2019-2020 kit font comes with the Arsenal crest on the bottom and sleek lines.

All-New Unique Adidas Arsenal 19-20 Kit Font Revealed

Jordan Paris Saint-Germain 19-20 Kit Font

The font the Jordan Paris Saint-Germain 19-20 jersey is a modern combination (interpretation) of classic basketball and football fonts - it combines elements of the famous classic basketball and football fonts with a three-dimensional effect. The letters of the font are remarkably thin.

Unique Jordan Paris Saint-Germain 19-20 Kit Font Leaked

Nike Internazionale 2019-2020 Jersey Typeface

The new Inter 19-20 font is very different to last season's typeface while still boasting a modern and unique look. The typeface draws inspiration from the diagonal stripes of the jersey with 45 degrees angle used for the edges.

Nike Inter Milan 19-20 Kit Font Released

Chelsea 2019-2020 Cup Kit Font

Chelsea have launched a totally new font to be used with the 2019-2020 home kit. While the Premier League font will not change next season, we will see the new Chelsea typeface in action in all cup competitions, both domestically and internationally.

New Chelsea 19-20 Kit Cup Font Revealed

Which of the six major new fonts around Europe this season is your favorite?
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