Brazil Wanted to Prevent Adidas From Releasing Unauthorized Shirts - Court Rejects Injunction

Saturday, 6 July 2019
The Brazilian Football Confederation, CBF, had its request for an injunction against Adidas denied by the 4th Business Court of Rio de Janeiro.

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The federation had requested Adidas to stop producing its own version of the iconic yellow Brazil shirt, which is officially produced by its competitor Nike. According to the CBF, the sports goods manufacturer promotes "unfair competition" by "imitating" its official uniform.

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Judge Paulo Assed Estefan argued that according to Brazilian law, the national colors can be used without restrictions by any individual or legal entity.

"It is clear that the yellow shirt with green collar refers to that worn by the Brazilian team. But that's not enough. There must be other clear signs that show the use of protected symbols, such as the shield and the name, for example," wrote the judge in his decision.

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"Wanting to be dressed in the green and yellow shirt is a common feeling among most Brazilians, and it is worth emphasizing the freedom to wear the national colors, but not everyone wants to wear the Nike or the CBF shield, thus deserving the power of choice, because cheering for Brazil does not always translate into cheering for the Brazilian soccer team," concluded the judge when he denied the request for an injunction from CBF.

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