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Adidas Flamengo 2020-21 Home, Away & Third Kits Leaked

Update: Confirming the leak, a photographer who works for Adidas, showed an image of Flamengo player Gabigol, which confirms the leaked away kit, as well as showing in better detail the red-black central strip.

Update: Matching the information that was going around earlier, the first drafts showing the Flamengo 20-21 away and third kits have been leaked. Thanks to @samaronylp.

The Flamengo 2020-21 home jersey will already be launched in February.

Flamengo 20-21 Home Kit

The Flamengo 2020-21 home shirt draws inspiration from the kits worn between 1987 and 1992, but without the polo collars that were typically used at that time.

Flamengo 20-21 Away Kit

This picture shows the Adidas Flamengo 2020-2021 away shirt.

As for the away kit, it's also based on the Condivo 20 template while being loosely inspired by the 1970s Flamengo away shirts.

The Adidas and Flamengo logos are placed centrally on the front of the shirt, the latter in front of a black-to-red gradient that goes across the chest.

The collar of the Flamengo 2020-21 away shirt is large and all-black, while the cuffs are black-red-black and the 3 Stripes on the shoulders are red.

Flamengo 2020-21 Third Kit

This is the Flamengo 2020 third shirt by Adidas.

The Flamengo 2020-21 third jersey introduces a more modern look. It's mainly black with a few red paintbrush stripes going horizontally across the lower front.

More red is used on the collar as well as for the shoulder 3 Stripes and both logos on the front, including what appears to be an alternative club logo. The sleeve cuffs seem white.

The Flamengo 20-21 home kit will be released in February, while the away was launched in May last year. The last third was released in late July 2019.

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