No More Nike After 23 Years: Adidas Puts Safe With Boca Juniors Kit In Store

Sunday, 17 November 2019
Update: The release of the first-ever modern Adidas Boca Juniors kit gets closer. Now the German brand has put a safe with Boca’s new kit in certain Adidas stores - what's the code? (via @InformacionCABJ)

No More Nike - Adidas Puts Safe With New 2020 Boca Juniors Jerseys In Some Of Their Stores

Original Article - June 2019: No More Nike After 23 Years: Boca Juniors Signs Record Adidas Kit Deal - Adidas Kits Coming In January 2020?

It's official: Adidas will dress Boca from 2020 onwards. Boca Juniors they had been wearing kits from the Swoosh since 1996 - Now, after 23 years, the Argentinian club will stop using Nike.

Boca Juniors 19-20 Home Kit Released

Boca Juniors 2019-20 Away Kit Released

Boca Juniors Signs 10-Year, 10 Million US Dollar / Season Adidas Kit Deal - Valid From January 2020

On Monday, Boca Juniors' Assembly of Representatives approved the change of kit maker after 23 years. In this way, the agreement with Adidas was lifted, which will replace Nike from January 2020.

The key points offered by the German company to end the link between Nike and Boca have economic edges and also some particularities that make it the best in the country, well above what River perceives.

Fixed sum: The German firm proposed to pay $10,069,000 per year in a fixed amount to the club. To that, then, must be added all royalty income in the country and abroad. This is a point that Boca was very interested in, since with his current clothes he did not have a presence in stores in Europe and the United States. In addition, Boca will receive a payment of a one-time bonus of 3 million dollars at the time of signing the link with the German clothing.

River Plate, who are also equipped by Adidas, get an annual fixed sum projected of 6,500,000 dollars. With bonuses and royalties it becomes about 9 million. Boca, only in the first year, would have more fixed income and to that must be added all the royalties (projected at two million dollars more per season).

High investments Boca will receive 200 thousand dollars per year for the exploitation of the store that is in the Museum of the Bombonera, but in addition 90 thousand dollars per year will be disbursed for investment in the development of different marketing campaigns, something that currently is not received from the North American company.

Sports clothing: Adidas will be in charge of men's professional soccer apparel, women's soccer and also the Inferior divisions. But the distinctive leap with respect to Nike is that the Three Stripes will also develop the Women's Line, the Children's Line and also the lifestyle items.

Bonuses: Adidas also offered Boca fixed amounts each year in the case of local and international titles and even to reach decisive instances in the competitions it will compete. These amounts can be updated.

Extensive agreement: As with Nike in their last contract update, this time Adidas offered to keep Boca's clothing for a period of 10 years. And that was a key point, since the current company was always offering less money, but a longer extension of time and the German company wanted an agreement for 5 years. Finally it agreed to a proposal for a decade - the new Adidas Boca Juniors deal is valid until 2030.

All these were treated and voted in the Assembly of Representatives of the club, in which the opposition also participated. There were 108 votes in favor and 42 against.

"Submitted to a vote, the motion was approved by a majority of representatives, and the action taken by the Honorable Board of Directors in relation to the new sponsorship contract for clothing for the club's sports teams was approved, and consequently, the relationship derived from the sponsorship contract proposal issued to the club was approved.

The first modern Boca Juniors kits by Adidas are set to be released in early 2020.

Do you look forward o see the first modern Boca Juniors jerseys by Adidas? Share your thoughts in the comments below.
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