Outstanding Bayern Munich 2020 Pre-Match Jersey Leaked

We are able to reveal the 2020 pre-match jersey of Bundesliga giants Bayern Munich. It will be used on the second phase of the 2019-20 season - from January 2020 until May 2020.

Adidas Bayern 2019-2020 Pre-Match Jersey

Check out Adidas'FC Bayern München 2019-2020 pre-match jersey below.

A modern and outstanding look, the new the new Munich 2020 pre-match jersey is white and navy with bright red logos. The back inverts the colors - the rear area of the the Adidas Bayern München 2019-2020 pre-match jersey is navy / white.

Based on the global 2020 Adidas pre-match template, the Bayern München's new 2020 pre-match jersey comes with a unique wavy graphic pattern. The back of the jersey also boasts the lettering FC Bayern.

Bayern Munich's 2020 pre-match football shirt will be available from January 2020, retailing at around 55 Euro.

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