Still No Official Number... Eden Hazard Wears No. 50 Kit - Here Is Why

Sunday, 21 July 2019
People who watched the 2019 International Champions Cup match between FC Bayern Munich and Real Madrid in Houston, Texas, might have wondered why Eden Hazard wore the number 50 shirt. Let us find out why and more about the Eden Hazard Real Madrid shirt number saga.

Eden Hazard Wears Number 50 On Anniversary Of Moon Landing

The reason why Eden Hazard wore the No. 50 shirt against Bayern Munich is pretty simple. Real Madrid has given Hazard the number 50 as their galactico signing remembers the moon landing, which happened 50 years ago today. In 18 July 1969, Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong first stepped foot on the planetary satellite, Real Madrid's latest galactico will wear the number 50 as he takes one small step onto NRG Stadium's turf to begin his career as a Madrid player.

In fact, Eden Hazard still has no official number for Real Madrid. He wanted Modric's number 10 but the Croatian said no. Mariano Diaz has number 7 and until he is moved on, Real Madrid won't force him to cough it up.

So what other number is there? New singing Mendy will wear number 23. Jovic has number 18, Rodrygo number 27. Many fans think that Eden Hazard will get Gareth Bale's No. 11 shirt if the latter leaves the club...

Which number do you think Eden Hazard will get in the end? Share your thoughts in the comments below.
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