Surprising Differences - Made in Italy vs Made in Vietnam Nike Hypervenom Phantom Boots

Football boot expert @the_mad_cleater, who describes himself as big football boot guy, has bought the same Nike Hypervenom Phantom III model twice. However, when wearing and comparing both boots, he found out that they are not the same - and they were not only produced in different countries.

It is important to note that one pair is AG and the other is FG. The Mad Cleater is ware of this - He conferred with others who had FG pairs Made in Italy and they found similar details to this AG pair that was made in Italy. He also has a FG pair from Italy coming in the mail this week for further proof

"Made in Italy vs Made in Vietnam Hypervenom Phantom III Lows. Both authentic and the same size. I had always thought it was a myth that there was a difference between the regions of manufacture, but they’re are definitely differences in the details!"

Made in Italy vs Made in Vietnam Nike Hypervenom Phantom

While one would expect that there are small differences between pairs produced in different countries such as small quality things, there are important things that are not the same. This includes the insoles, the Flyknit upper and even the shape of the cleats.

1. Insole - the Italian pair came with a Poron Urethane insole. There are no rivets on the top of the Italian insole for “Grip” which I thought was interesting!
2. Internal stitching - the difference is clear. While the Italian pair “looks” better, it is hard to tell if this provides any tangible benefit over the Vietnamese stitching.
3. Flyknit Upper - the interwoven flyknit upper on the Italian pair is more pronounced and spreads further back towards the heel.
4. The padding on the heel of the Italian pair is “puffier” in-hand and provides a softer sensation.
5. Shape - the Italian pair has a more anatomical silhouette whereas the Vietnamese pair is wider and bulkier.

All these differences are not because one is AG and the other is FG.

The retail price of both different Nike Hypervenom Phantom III is the same regardless where they got produced. The same applies for all other Nike products, if not stated otherwise.

In fact, if you are are into cars, you surely know that the same applies for car models produced by brands in different countries / manufactories - the same BMW car model produced in the US might be different to the one produced in a different country (manufactory).

Does anybody already noticed this? Can you spot any other differences? Does region of manufacture matter to you? Let us know in the comments below.