Limited-Edition Adidas X 99.1 Boots Revealed

Adidas today unveiled the X 99.1 boots, which will be available to buy from September 3rd.

The Adidas X 99.1 boots introduce a super lightweight construction and are inspired by the iconic classic that is the F50, which was the lightest football boot available when it made its debut 15 years ago, in 2004. The F50 silo was replaced by the 'X' in 2015.

Adidas X 99.1 - Cloud White / Bright Cyan / Shock Pink

This is the all-new Adidas X 99.1 soccer cleat.

The Adidas X 99.1 soccer boots feature a modern and clean yet futuristic look. They are mainly 'cloud white' with iridescent cyan Three Stripes. Light blue is used for the end of the studs, while the Adidas logos on the tongue and heel area are pink. The speed of light (299,792,458 m/s) is printed on the sockliner.

As for tech features, the ultra-lightweight Adidas X 2019 boots seem to be quite similar as the 2015 Adidas Adizero 99 gram boot at first glance. However, unlike then, Adidas has not confirmed the weight of new X 99.1 boots. As proven by early buyers, the boots weigh more than 200 grams.

Not Even Close: 2019 "Lightweight" Adidas X 99.1 Boots Weigh Much More Than 99 Grams

The 2019 Adidas X 99.1 soccer shoe features a soft synthetic upper that Adidas claims is more durable than that of the original F50. Its ultralight Speedframe outsole is perforated to further reduce weight. Arrowhead forefoot studs combined with round heel studs enable quick starts and stops on firm ground.

Adidas X 99.1 - Features

  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Soft synthetic upper
  • Ultra-light Speedframe outsole
  • Anatomically designed heel
  • Colorway: Cloud White / Bright Cyan / Shock Pink
  • Price: €250
  • Release Date: 3 September 2019

Set to be available everywhere in limited numbers from September 3rd, the Adidas X 99.1 boots retail at €250, a bit less than expected in the build-up to the release.

It is not known yet which of / if Adidas' best players will wear the Adidas X 99.1 football boots.

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