Not Even Close: 2019 "Lightweight" Adidas X 99.1 Boots Weigh Much More Than 99 Grams

Although Adidas have not talked about them officially yet, the brand-new X 99.1 boots appeared on their online stores recently. The new cleats celebrate the iconic F50 silo, which was introduced ahead of Euro 2004, 15 years ago.

But, although the name and design suggests as much, the Adidas X 99.1 boots weigh a fair bit more than 99 gram. This is a bit odd, because they look quite similar to the 2015 Adidas X 99 Gram boots.

How much does the Adidas X 99.1 weigh?

As shown by reseller @ebay_penalty_shop, the weight of a 8.5 UK sized Adidas X 99.1 shoe is 187 grams, almost twice as much as the previous '99 Gram' editions.

This is definitely a good thing in our book, because it means that more than just a single size of the shoe is available - both the 2015 and 2016 99 Gram cleats from Adidas were only released as a size 8.5 UK.

It also suggests that the new 2019 Adidas X 99.1 cleats will be much more sturdier and durable than the old 99 Gram boots.

However, Adidas should have chosen a different name, because 'Adidas X 99.1' pretty strongly indicates to the consumer that this shoe would weigh 99 grams. Which it clearly does not.

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